How to Watch TVB Outside Hong Kong with a VPN

There are many VPNs in the market but not all VPNs have server located in all the countries and to pass the geo restriction of a particular country your IP address has to be masked so that it is seen as the an IP address from that particular country. Some of the VPNs have data logging policy, while generally people who are using VPNs to surf the internet are looking for complete privacy and back log. Hence, the decision to use a certain VPN should be made with care. VPNs that are listed below are all VPNs with no security leakages and any other issues. These VPNs will enable the viewers and fans to watch TVB online outside Hongkong, as it will unblock TVB. This is all possible by a simple VPN TVB. The Best VPNs are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Pia

These VPN provide an opportunity to the viewers to enjoy their favorite Cantonese shows without any restrictions. The famous TVB channels that are unblocked with the VPN installation are:

TVB Jade, J2, TVB iNews, J5, MYTV Super, TV Weely, TVB International, myTV Live, TVB Sports, TVB Mainland News, TVB Korean Drama, TVB Chinese Drama, TVB Pearl, TVBS News


TVB a very popular Hong Kong based television station that has produced a number of famous and most loved dramas. They have viewership all over the world. The Cantonese programs that they broadcast have been translated to a number of different languages worldwide and the hype is still afresh. There are many websites that offer the viewers the chance to watch the TVB online outside Hong Kong, but the shows are either pirated or are carriers of viruses, malware or a path for the hackers. To be able to watch TVB online all you need is to do is visit their website, all the shows are listed with their previous episodes. The main concern of the international viewers who are looking to watch TVB online outside Hong Kong have to face geo restrictions. The shows are all indeed available online but they are blocked for viewership outside Hong Kong.


The best way to unblock sites that have geo restriction is through installing of a VPN. So if you want to watch TVB online anywhere, you need to download TVB VPN to unblock TVB. When a VPN for TVB is installed, people can simply visit the website and watch the shows. A VPN connection allows the users to connect to different servers and thus create a geographical illusion and bypass any kind of restriction that otherwise may be there. In this case a TVB VPN will allow the users to connect to a server in Hong Kong and this will allow the website to telecast the shows.

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