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AMC a very famous network, was formerly known as American Movie Classics. Once they re started their transmission they changed their name to AMC TV. They have revamped their whole look and transformed their channel so that they can attract better viewers. The only issue is that they are only available for viewership in USA and Canada only.

Now since the revamping of the channel there are many people who are willing to watch AMC outside USA. Viewers who are willing to watch AMC, need to have a proper subscription and most of all they need to be citizens of either USA or Canada to be able to enjoy. But wait we have a remedy.

How to Unblock AMC Outside USA and Canada

If you are not a resident of USA or Canada, then you can never watch and enjoy AMC even through the website or the app. If you want to unblock AMC to watch AMC outside USA, all you need is to install a VPN on your computer or gadget. Once you have installed VPN on your gadget all you need to unblock AMC is a stable internet connection. When you use VPN to unblock AMC to watch AMC outside USA you have access to all restricted videos and AMC network’s shows.

Having a VPN provider does not mean that you do not need a subscription, a VPN will only help you access restricted shows and help you unblock AMC and enable you to watch AMC outside USA. VPN helps you bypass geo restrictions and thus you can enjoy AMC television even when you are not in United States or Canada.

Top VPN for AMC TV

Below are some of the Best AMC TV VPN providers that will help you unblock AMC and watch AMC outside USA.

  • HideMyAss VPN
  • PureVPN
  • IPVanish


PureVPN is a very reasonable and budget friendly VPN provider that helps you access geo restricted networks like AMC. NordVPN, Ivacy, ExpressVPN and IPVANISH VPN are some of the market leaders.


AMC TV app, is a new addition and the sole reason is that the increasing popularity has made it realize that they need to launch app for a much easier accessibility. The app provides the users with the latest episode updates and schedules. But the issue remains the same, this app is useless to you if you are not living in the geographical boundaries of either USA or Canada. For this also you need a VPN installed in your phone, as this will enable you to unblock AMC and watch AMC outside USA.

The VPN will help the server connect to the US server even when you are outside USA. This does not require any additional software or any additional subscription. The VPN will allow you to watch AMC outside USA. When you unblock AMC, you can enjoy their app or stream the episodes through their website without any hassle.

Though a VPN does not let you pirate the show and watch it, we still feel that AMC should allow viewers the facility to watch the shows with subscription whether in USA or Canada.

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