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Is there SnapChat in China?

Snap chat is one the most amazing and very popular social media platform that is being used worldwide. Though it is available worldwide for downloading but in China it is restricted. The sole reason being that the content of snap chat is never stored. People who are looking for ways to unblock snap chat in China should read this article very carefully, because finally you will learn of ways to unblock snap chat. It is not only snap chat that has been blocked in China, but the remaining application of social media like Facebook, Skype, Instagram and You tube are all also blocked in China.

How to Unblock Snapchat in China

There are many ways that can be used to unblock snap chat in China, but they might be risky and can cause harm to private data.

To unblock Snap Chat all that is required is a VPN, which can help you unblock Snap chat in China and enjoy sharing with your friends.

Top VPNs to unblock Snapchat are

  • PureVPN
  • Hidemyass
  • ExpressVPN

The data does not remain and this is the sole reason that Chinese government has blocked it because it would be difficult for them during any investigation.

There are many VPN providers that offer VPN services which ultimately unblock Snap chat. The most preferred and reasonable VPN is Pure VPN, it is very budget friendly and helps you enjoy by helping you unblock snap chat in China. The VPN providers that are being mentioned not only unblock snap chat but gives the user access to other geo restricted sites and apps. When a users wants to unblock snap chat in China, all he has to do is to

  1. Download any of these VPN providers on their phone
  2. Setup VPN account by paying the minimal fees,
  3. Once you have activated your VPN account, you can simply connect to any US server and viola you have been able to unblock snap chat in China
  4. Enjoy sharing your snaps, moods and feelings with your friends all over the world.

To unblock Snap chat, you need a stable connection and a the most suitable VPN provider to help you connect to any server in the world wide. To unblock snap chat, you do not need to go through any kind of hassle, it is all about how you get hold of the right VPN provider. There many other VPN providers like, Nord VPN, Express VPN and IP VANISH VPN. These all are very easily downloadable and worth their money.

When you have unblock Snap chat in China, you are indirectly connected to US servers and this allows you access to all geo restricted websites and applications which were otherwise being blocked by the Chinese government through their great firewall, which actually restricts and filters and in China users enjoy things which have been allowed by their government that to under strict monitoring. But now you can unblock snap chat and enjoy with the help of any VPN provider.

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