HideMyAss VPN Review – Hma Pro VPN Service

Hidemyass.com is a leading vpn service provider in the internet. They are the most popular network with tens of thousands active customers. This article will be about hidemyass review of its services and software. This will be our first review about the best vpn services for 2013. Check the blog regularly to introduce yourself with the top vpn service companies online.

HideMyAss ( Hma ) Pro VPN REVIEW

Hidemyass.com have done their best to develop the best vpn software in the market. The company which is run by Privax Limited, spent thousands of dollars to built an awesome vpn application for internet users. Now, you can easily hide your real IP address and other identities from public view.

Hma Pro VPN Software 

The pro software is an application, which you have to download and install on your PC or Laptop. As soon as you pay for the vpn service at Hidemyass dot com, you get the download link immediately. Once, the app is installed on your system, you have to enter login details to activate it.

The application has the dashboard, where you can set any settings you want. Country selection feature gives you an easy option to choose countries for vpn connection. In IP Settings tab, you can set desired IP addresses for IP switching when you reconnect the software. Secure IP Bind option is a feature that lets you to set your PC only IP for software to work. If the feature is on, then no other IP addresses can access the Hma Pro VPN software from your system. Speed Guide tab lets you to test the speed of checked vpn servers at Hidemyass. Billing and packages are the setting for your subscription details.

You get over 50.000 IP addresses with 417 VPN servers in 56 countries. You can use HMA Pro VPN to hide your real details while surfing the internet. Or, if you are an internet marketer, it is beneficial to have this vpn application for your needs.

Here are , what you get with Hma Pro VPN: Free Software, Thousands of IPs, Unlimited Data Transfer, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Hope, you liked this short hidemyass vpn review before purchasing the software.

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