Top 5 VPN for Iran to bypass all Restrictions

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Iran is a country that is famous for a very steel like grip on the content that can be viewed by their people. The country is famous for intense restrictions that have been imposed upon their people so that they are only able to view what their government wants them too. All the internet related activities are strictly monitored and the people in the government nearly know what their citizens are up to.

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Best VPN to Unblock Pirate Bay from Anywhere

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Torrents are the best friends of any entertainment junkie. Torrents are basically compressed form of any media format, which can be downloaded and then played to enjoy any movie, song, or concerts. There was a time when torrents were so rampant that anybody and everybody could download it and enjoy the entertainment of their choice. But with the passage of time the authorities caught up with the trend and then they started closing down the websites that were providing the torrents. Now the torrents are available but with paid subscriptions and again they are limited to certain geographical locations.

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Is there SnapChat in China?

Is there SnapChat in China? - Post Thumbnail

Snap chat is one the most amazing and very popular social media platform that is being used worldwide. Though it is available worldwide for downloading but in China it is restricted. The sole reason being that the content of snap chat is never stored. People who are looking for ways to unblock snap chat in China should read this article very carefully, because finally you will learn of ways to unblock snap chat. It is not only snap chat that has been blocked in China, but the remaining application of social media like Facebook, Skype, Instagram and You tube are all also blocked in China.

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