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BtGuard VPN Review – Don’t Order Before You Read THIS

Btguard.com is one of the oldest and reliable vpn service providers online. Our second article is about btguard review with detailed explanation. If you want to remain anonymous while surfing internet or downloading files from torrents, you should read this post. The review includes pricing, support,speed test and other details of Btguard VPN service.

Features and Support

Btguard VPN software comes with number of professional features. The application itself, is simple and easy to download and install. While you use the software and connect to the internet, no records are stored by the company. It means, no logs of your actions are available anywhere. The speed is unlimited with 10 GB fastest servers in Canada, Europe and Asia. VPN app supports OpenVPN and PPTP type of connections.

The best part is that, you can use btguard vpn to download unmetered torrents from the internet. It is proven that no one can chase you with btguard vpn software. As soon as, you download the application, go to CheckMyIpTorrent.com to download a test torrent and see if your IP is detected or not.

The support provided by Btguard.com is very simple. In order to solve a problem you face with the service, you need to go to the support page and open a ticket there. Generally, your ticket will be answered within 3-4 hours after the question posted. Or, alternatively, you can contact the sales team from the form, which is located inside the website.

Speed and Pricing

The speed test with btguard vpn application, proved that you can download with unlimited speed while connected. As you can see from the image below, the test from SpeedTest.net, shows 8.37Mb/s with 10GB ADSL internet.

The price of vpn services at Btguard.com are cheap and affordable for most of you. The anonymized BitTorrent Proxy costs just for $6.95/month. The VPN service can be purchased for $9.95/month. However, if you use btguard coupon, you can save up to %25 off the yearly packages.


When it comes to performance, BTGuard does not perform well as it has a small number of server locations. BtGuard VPN service providers operate servers in only three chosen countries. It provides numerous servers in the Netherlands, Singapore and, Canada.

Even though it offers very few servers as compared to many other VPN services, BtGuard did quite well on speed tests with above-average test results for all 3 server locations. It offers its users a somewhat satisfying experience with no speed limits and traffic.  

In terms of reliability, some users reported complains and issues and criticized about their connection breakage. We come across no such problems while performing our tests, but we do take user reports very extremely, that’s why we have to give you a fair warning related to such a possibility.

Security and Privacy

BTGuard provides two different protocols, OpenVPN and PPTP with 256-bit encryption, and OpenVPN is the preferred protocol. While the company recommends that you should try both of them and see yourself which one works better for you. Although two protocols are not too many, yet they can satisfy the needs of many of its users.

BtGuard VPN service providers claim that they don’t keep any logs. However, there were some doubts in the past relating to whether this claim was valid or not, but later on, inquiries have proved that there is nothing to about logging privacy. They are very clear when it comes to the privacy of their users and fulfill their promise regarding their no-logs policy.

In addition to no logs policy and secure encryption, it also defends your privacy when purchasing its services. You can use BitCoin to make payment for it and share no personal data while purchasing.


BTGuard boasts high compatibility. It also offers excellent speed and secure encryption. Unfortunately, it does not provide you the option to use the program on more devices at the same time, which is a bit unacceptable.

The lack of a client can also be seen as a significant downside unless you do not care about getting into additional features. It is undoubtedly straightforward to use, which is good news for all beginners and first-time users.

If you choose PPTP protocol, you can save yourself the trouble if your connection breakdowns with VPN Lifeguard. VPN Lifeguard tries to reconnect automatically in case your connection breaks.

There are many issues found in BtGuard VPN. Here is the list of BtGuard cons.

  • Minimal servers in only three countries
  • No free trial
  • IP Leaks Detected
  • Does Not Work With Netflix
  • Not very good customer support
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some Logging of Personal Info
  • Canadian Jurisdiction (5 Eyes Alliance)
  • Customer Support Did Not Work
  • Limited Device Support
  • Slows Internet Speed by up to 85%
  • Small Server Park


If a VPN has only 3 locations and then turns out to be confusing over one of those, this is not so good. Factor in the feeble website, the total lack of clients, the poor OpenVPN encryption setup, and the high price, and we would ramp up our BTGuard verdict to ‘terrible.’ So please avoid it. BTGuard is overpriced and poorly specified service, which surprisingly turns out to be more miserable when you try it out. Choose another VPN at random; it will be better than this.

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