The fight between Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor live online can be viewed on PPV. But this is only for people residing in United States of America.The fans are extremely upset that such an iconic battle between the two champions, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, will be fought and even the age of technological advancement they will have to wait till the fights recording is released out into the world.

There might just be a solution for this as well, now the fans residing anywhere in the world can witness the one of its kind Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight with a simple VPN!

Best VPN for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor fight

Following are the VPNs that you can install to gain access to all the unblock channels airing MayweathervsConor McGregor fight

Looking for ways to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor fight live online, here you go!

The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight is being aired on the following TV channels:

There might be a few more channels, but according to the recent updates and news these are currently the channels that are going show the, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor live online. Now people outside UK and USA would definitely need a VPN to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight.

A VPN will mask the IP address of your connection and device and enable your device to bypass the geo restricted settings of the channel. The server will mask the IP address as that of any device in USA or UK and hence you will be able to enjoy, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor live online without any hassle.

Watch Floyd MayweathervsConorMcgregor Live online- A dream come true for many!

If you have even slightest of an interest in the boxing you would know why the fan world of these boxers are going wild with frenzy. There is so much excitement and build up of tension amongst the fans that they are taking it out on the social media and every other platform they can interact with each other. The Floyd Mayweathervs Conor McGregor fight is one of those fights that go down in history. The fans will get to watch Floyd Mayweathervs Conor McGregor fight, on the 27th of August 2017 in Nevada, Paradise. The venue is T-Mobile Arena.

The news about the Floyd MayweathervsConor McGregor live online might seem like a bit of disappointment for their fans living outside USA, but fret not we have the solution for you. Being able to watch the Floyd MayweathervsConor McGregor fight, is seeing history in the making and this is the reason many people are upset about not being able to watch the fight between Floyd MayweathervsConor McGregor live online.

These VPN providers have multiple servers in various countries and therefore you will be able to enjoy the fight without any issue. All you need to do is to follow the following simple steps:

  • Once you have installed the VPN, you can browse for the countries in which their servers are present.
  • Now you can select the country whose server you want to be your access point.
  • Once this has been done successfully, you can find the channel.
  • Click on the channels link to enjoy the fight without further much ado.

You need to get the subscriptions to the channels to enjoy the fight, have the dues settled before the fight starts and have the time of your life once the epic battle between the two best fighters in the history starts!

How to Watch TVB Outside Hong Kong with a VPN

How to Watch TVB Outside Hong Kong with a VPN

There are many VPNs in the market but not all VPNs have server located in all the countries and to pass the geo restriction of a particular country your IP address has to be masked so that it is seen as the an IP address from that particular country. Some of the VPNs have data logging policy, while generally people who are using VPNs to surf the internet are looking for complete privacy and back log. Hence, the decision to use a certain VPN should be made with care.

Best VPNs that are listed below are all VPNs with no security leakages and any other issues. These VPNs will enable the viewers and fans to watch TVB online outside Hongkong, as it will unblock TVB. This is all possible by a simple VPN TVB. The Best VPNs are as follows:

These VPN provide an opportunity to the viewers to enjoy their favorite Cantonese shows without any restrictions. The famous TVB channels that are unblocked with the VPN installation are:

TVB Jade, J2, TVB iNews, J5, MYTV Super, TV Weely, TVB International, myTV Live, TVB Sports, TVB Mainland News, TVB Korean Drama, TVB Chinese Drama, TVB Pearl, TVBS News


TVB a very popular Hong Kong based television station that has produced a number of famous and most loved dramas. They have viewership all over the world. The Cantonese programs that they broadcast have been translated to a number of different languages worldwide and the hype is still afresh. There are many websites that offer the viewers the chance to watch the TVB online outside Hong Kong, but the shows are either pirated or are carriers of viruses, malware or a path for the hackers. To be able to watch TVB online all you need is to do is visit their website, all the shows are listed with their previous episodes. The main concern of the international viewers who are looking to watch TVB online outside Hong Kong have to face geo restrictions. The shows are all indeed available online but they are blocked for viewership outside Hong Kong.


The best way to unblock sites that have geo restriction is through installing of a VPN. So if you want to watch TVB online anywhere, you need to download TVB VPN to unblock TVB. When a VPN for TVB is installed, people can simply visit the website and watch the shows. A VPN connection allows the users to connect to different servers and thus create a geographical illusion and bypass any kind of restriction that otherwise may be there. In this case a TVB VPN will allow the users to connect to a server in Hong Kong and this will allow the website to telecast the shows.

Top 5 VPN for Iran to bypass all Restrictions

Top 5 VPN for Iran to bypass all Restrictions


Iran is a country that is famous for a very steel like grip on the content that can be viewed by their people. The country is famous for intense restrictions that have been imposed upon their people so that they are only able to view what their government wants them too. All the internet related activities are strictly monitored and the people in the government nearly know what their citizens are up to.

The limitations on the content that is available to their public is according to the tastes, preferences and views of the government and the public is not allowed to voice their opinion about anything  and they are also not allowed to view something other than that is allowed. This restricted network gives space to hackers and manipulators who are on the look out to conduct cyber crimes. Hence, a strong and nifty protection is a necessity.


Well, VPN is a blessing that can cure many issues all at once; all you need to do is install VPN for Iran. There are many VPN to use in Iran, but most of them are shady and can track your IP address, which can also result in an attempt to sabotage government laid down protection. It is important that the Best VPN to use in Iran is an authentic one so that there are no back door issues. VPN for Iran will help you mask your IP address. It is like having a mask and going to a masquerade party.

The VPN for Iran is designed in such a way that you only need to pay the small amount of subscription and can enjoy all the restricted sites that are there to be accessed. VPN to use in Iran will have multiple features, as it will not only protect your system from any kind of malware or cyber attacks and at the same time allow you to access all the geo restricted sites. This is a wonderfully easy way to browse the internet world safely and remain abreast with the ongoing trends of the world.


The most amazing thing about the Internet policy of Iran is that it keeps one of the strictest possible checks on their population. It has been reported that they are able to do it through three ways. The first is known as the preventive measures, through which they block all content that they feel that their nation should not be viewing.

Second is the, Interceptive measures, through this measure they try to keep track of individuals who are actually trying to break through their preventive measures and barriers. The third is the Reactive measure, through this the intelligence is collected which helps in understanding patterns for the previous two measures.


VPN to use in Iran should be realizable and stealthy to get past the prying eyes of the government. Iran VPN IP can help you mask your track. Iran VPN that can be installed are:

  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • PureVPN

Best VPN to Unblock Pirate Bay from Anywhere

Best VPN to Unblock Pirate Bay from Anywhere


Torrents are the best friends of any entertainment junkie. Torrents are basically compressed form of any media format, which can be downloaded and then played to enjoy any movie, song, or concerts. There was a time when torrents were so rampant that anybody and everybody could download it and enjoy the entertainment of their choice. But with the passage of time the authorities caught up with the trend and then they started closing down the websites that were providing the torrents. Now the torrents are available but with paid subscriptions and again they are limited to certain geographical locations.


To Unblock Pirate Bay, a VPN for Pirate Bay is required so that the IP can be masked and the servers are located to the desired destination. This will help in accessing the website in geo restricted areas as well. There have been a few issues with regards to content sharing without recognizing the rights and giving credits, this is why there had been a major crackdown against such sites to combat negative elements. The Pirate Bay VPN allows any person to redirect their IP address to the regions where it is allowed, this will ease accessibility and allow access to entertainment that a user may desire.


There are a lot of VPNs that can be downloaded but it is important that the VPN that is to be used is user friendly and at the same time cost friendly. The VPNs are constantly reviewed and monitored to identify any flaws or glitches that might otherwise have an impact on the viewers and their likability of the product. There are many VPNs that can be downloaded, but it is most suitable to download the VPNs that have subscription costs as they are 100% safe and free from any kind of harmful back door implantation which otherwise might corrupt the device. VPN masks the IP and provides a new IP address that ultimately covers up the possible tracks of the user. Some of the VPNs keep a back log of the tracks of the user and this is where the main purpose behind installing a VPN is finished. There are many VPNs that boast of numerous unlocking facilities and claim that they can allow access to any geo restricted website, but once the user installs it they realize that there is such a limited set of servers that they can unblock. Many VPNs offer free trial services for a certain time period so that once the user has used the VPN and is now sure that they want this particular VPN that is when they can make the final decision.

Some the best possible VPNs that can be downloaded are:

  1. Private Internet Access
  2. IPVanish
  3. PureVPN
  4. HideMyAss
  5. ExpressVPN

These VPNs will provide you access to the world of torrents and hence you can enjoy your browsing time.

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)

People usually question what actually is a virtual private network? It is a virtual network that actually helps a person connect to a virtual network of their own choice. The network mirrors itself on to the network of the preferred server. Since the computer is virtually connected to a network that physically exists billions of miles away, it allows access to the local area network of the server it has been connected. When you are connected to USA server through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you get to access shows from Netflix, AMC as your request to connect will look like as if it is arriving from within USA, while you might be accessing it from China.

Why you Need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

In the current age of technology when our entertainment is also ruled by technology, VPN or Virtual Private Network is a blessing in disguise. VPN allows you to access geo restricted applications and data and compliments your collection of entertainment series. There are many VPN providers, but what we fail to realize is that there are many agents who are working as thieves and they are out to steal our private data by selling us shady VPN services.
What we recommend you is the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) that not only will enable you to enjoy many of the entertainment services that otherwise would have been geo restricted. It is a fact that to actually enjoy entertainment of choice people look for ways that will help them out from such situations. We recommend you the best solutions. When you get Express VPN, PureVPN or any other good VPN Service for your home, there are no complicated steps involved. The VPN providers we recommend have no loop holes or security lapse in it. The VPN providers help in establishing a secure connection to the servers of the world and helps you enjoy all the geo restricted entertainment.

Best VPN Service List

  • HideMyAss
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access


Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps you setup a very secure and safe connection that is at the same time super fast and very easy to setup. It can be installed on iPhone,iPad, Mac, Windows PC, router and it can even be installed on a Linux computer. The VPNs, we advise are very reasonable as they have all sorts of schemes that could be easily purchased without any hassle or much ado. They also offer a money back policy to their customers, so that if a customer is not satisfied with their service they always have the opportunity get their money back. There are hardly many customers who end up doing that, because the money is worth their services and they have a long list of satisfied customers.

Uses of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There are many uses of Virtual Private Network (VPN), some of them are:

  • VPN allows you to access your local network even when you are travelling, hence you remain linked to your local server even when you are miles away.
  • Browsing through a VPN will help you mask your browsed history. This way it will be much more private.
  • VPN finally helps you bypass internet censorships or restrictions that might be there in your country.

Best VPN for DD-WRT Router

Best VPN for DD-WRT Router

VPN can be considered as the next break through because, it does not only allow you to connect to any server in the world but also helps you access software and websites which are otherwise geo restricted. When a router is used to regulates VPN then there are many benefits, the DD-WRT router VPN allows you to enjoy your VPN connection on a huge number of devices at the same time. Experts believe in using router VPN because this keeps the data safe and also prevents loss of data and private information through hackers. The best options that can be followed when you are looking for DD-WRT router VPN are mentioned below

  1. HideMyASS
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Private Internet Access

DD-WRT Router

DD-WRT router is the best router VPN that can be used to enjoy geo restricted sites. When you are looking for Best VPN for DD-WRT Router you need to make sure that it has been properly flashed. The main issue with this special VPN for DD-WRT router is that if you are not careful then this sophisticated piece of technology can easily turn into a simple plastic box. The best DD- WRT router VPN will help you access Virtual Private Network (VPN) on all your gadgets because it will be using router VPN. DD-WRT router can be flashed in three different ways, after which you can have the best router VPN for DD-WRT router at your service:

a) This is a very long method which will ultimately help you Setup VPN for DD-WRT Router. For this method you need to flash through a web based graphic user interface.
b) Then there is this method, which is considered as the safest method to be able to use VPN for DD-WRT router once you are done flashing. It is through Trivial File transfer Protocol.
c) The third method is the use of command line this will enable you to flash your router with DD-WRT and thus make your router the best router VPN.

You need to have a DD-WRT router to enjoy VPN to its fullest. When you download VPN for DD-WRT router, you are ensuring that you have the best router VPN that there is to found in the market. A DD-WRT Router helps increase your entertainment and lets you enjoy.

How to Setup VPN on DD-WRT ROUTER

When you have a VPN for DD-WRT Router you know that the DD-WRT Router will not only allow you services from all over the world but also make you the owner of best DD-WRT router VPN. You can access your VPN router settings through control panel on your PC. Then click on the setup tab.After you have done that you need to click on Basic setup. Once done, the computer will ask you to setup the Host Name, Domain Name, and Router IP details. These details will be provided to you by your service providers. The connection type that you should chose is PPTP. Once you enter your settings, hit apply.

Now your DD-WRT Router is all set to be used and your VPN for DD-WRT Router will help you make the best use of your VPN.

Watch AMC TV Online from Anywhere

Watch AMC TV Online from Anywhere

AMC a very famous network, was formerly known as American Movie Classics. Once they re started their transmission they changed their name to AMC TV. They have revamped their whole look and transformed their channel so that they can attract better viewers. The only issue is that they are only available for viewership in USA and Canada only.

Now since the revamping of the channel there are many people who are willing to watch AMC outside USA. Viewers who are willing to watch AMC, need to have a proper subscription and most of all they need to be citizens of either USA or Canada to be able to enjoy. But wait we have a remedy.

How to Unblock AMC Outside USA and Canada

If you are not a resident of USA or Canada, then you can never watch and enjoy AMC even through the website or the app. If you want to unblock AMC to watch AMC outside USA, all you need is to install a VPN on your computer or gadget. Once you have installed VPN on your gadget all you need to unblock AMC is a stable internet connection. When you use VPN to unblock AMC to watch AMC outside USA you have access to all restricted videos and AMC network’s shows.

Having a VPN provider does not mean that you do not need a subscription, a VPN will only help you access restricted shows and help you unblock AMC and enable you to watch AMC outside USA. VPN helps you bypass geo restrictions and thus you can enjoy AMC television even when you are not in United States or Canada.

Top VPN for AMC TV

Below are some of the Best AMC TV VPN providers that will help you unblock AMC and watch AMC outside USA.

  • HideMyAss VPN
  • PureVPN
  • IPVanish


PureVPN is a very reasonable and budget friendly VPN provider that helps you access geo restricted networks like AMC. NordVPN, Ivacy, ExpressVPN and IPVANISH VPN are some of the market leaders.


AMC TV app, is a new addition and the sole reason is that the increasing popularity has made it realize that they need to launch app for a much easier accessibility. The app provides the users with the latest episode updates and schedules. But the issue remains the same, this app is useless to you if you are not living in the geographical boundaries of either USA or Canada. For this also you need a VPN installed in your phone, as this will enable you to unblock AMC and watch AMC outside USA.

The VPN will help the server connect to the US server even when you are outside USA. This does not require any additional software or any additional subscription. The VPN will allow you to watch AMC outside USA. When you unblock AMC, you can enjoy their app or stream the episodes through their website without any hassle.

Though a VPN does not let you pirate the show and watch it, we still feel that AMC should allow viewers the facility to watch the shows with subscription whether in USA or Canada.

Watch Voot Outside India

Watch Voot Outside India

Voot is a very popular Indian entertainment application. They have over thousands of subscribers and are one of the best video streaming applications that are to be found in India. It has many popular channels and this is sole reason that there are many viewers who want to watch Voot outside India but are unable to because like Hot Star, Voot is blocked outside India.

How to Unblock Voot Outside India

To unblock Voot so that people can watch Voot outside India there are many ways but some of them are very risky and can put private and personal data at risk. Being able to stream your favorite shows through a single app is a blessing, so if you want to watch Voot outside India, you need a strong secure VPN to actually unblock Voot.

Top VPNs to Watch Voot Outside India

The Best VPN to unblock Voot is ExpressVPN, the pricing is so reasonable and the service so perfect that it has become the most preferred choice for people wishing to watch Voot outside India. Some of the other popular VPNs to unblock Voot for viewing are

The main reason that people are looking for ways to unblock Voot is that there is no other better option of enjoying shows but to try ways to watch Voot outside India. There is a need to unblock Voot because there are millions of people who are fans of Indian media and they want to enjoy the channels and dramas without paying hefty amounts for subscriptions costs. By paying a small subscription fees of a VPN they can simply watch their desired shows at minimal costs. The beauty of these VPN is that they provide perfect streaming with crystal clear visuals and a perfect audio. The hassle does not involve physical visits to the shop or any service provider. All the installation and fixing is done through internet and can be easily handled. Indian media is not only liked by millions of Indians living outside their home country but many Asian and different nationals, hence the need to identify alternative and easier methods of viewership.

Setup by Steps to Access VootOutside India

When you have made your choice about the Best VPN provider to unblock Voot and be able to watch Voot outside India, you need to follow the below mentioned steps

  • Make a VPN account with valid financial account
  • Now when you login to VPN, select an Indian server to establish connection.
  • 3. Once a regular and stable connection has been established, all you need to do is visit the official website of Voot and enjoy the ability to watch Voot outside India.


To unblock Voot all you need is a stable internet connection and the best VPN service that is safe and secure. When you unblock Voot with the help of a proper VPN service you get access to the kingdom of entertainment. A stable connection helps in allowing the VPN to act as a perfect interface between the website and the medium used for viewership by routing the server through desired destination.

Is there SnapChat in China?

Is there SnapChat in China?

Snap chat is one the most amazing and very popular social media platform that is being used worldwide. Though it is available worldwide for downloading but in China it is restricted. The sole reason being that the content of snap chat is never stored. People who are looking for ways to unblock snap chat in China should read this article very carefully, because finally you will learn of ways to unblock snap chat. It is not only snap chat that has been blocked in China, but the remaining application of social media like Facebook, Skype, Instagram and You tube are all also blocked in China.

How to Unblock Snapchat in China

There are many ways that can be used to unblock snap chat in China, but they might be risky and can cause harm to private data. To unblock Snap Chat all that is required is a VPN, which can help you unblock Snap chat in China and enjoy sharing with your friends.

Top VPNs to unblock Snapchat are

The data does not remain and this is the sole reason that Chinese government has blocked it because it would be difficult for them during any investigation.

There are many VPN providers that offer VPN services which ultimately unblock Snap chat. The most preferred and reasonable VPN is Pure VPN, it is very budget friendly and helps you enjoy by helping you unblock snap chat in China. The VPN providers that are being mentioned not only unblock snap chat but gives the user access to other geo restricted sites and apps. When a users wants to unblock snap chat in China, all he has to do is to

  1. Download any of these VPN providers on their phone
  2. Setup VPN account by paying the minimal fees,
  3. Once you have activated your VPN account, you can simply connect to any US server and viola you have been able to unblock snap chat in China
  4. Enjoy sharing your snaps, moods and feelings with your friends all over the world.

To unblock Snap chat, you need a stable connection and a the most suitable VPN provider to help you connect to any server in the world wide. To unblock snap chat, you do not need to go through any kind of hassle, it is all about how you get hold of the right VPN provider. There many other VPN providers like, Nord VPN, Express VPN and IP VANISH VPN. These all are very easily downloadable and worth their money.

When you have unblock Snap chat in China, you are indirectly connected to US servers and this allows you access to all geo restricted websites and applications which were otherwise being blocked by the Chinese government through their great firewall, which actually restricts and filters and in China users enjoy things which have been allowed by their government that to under strict monitoring. But now you can unblock snap chat and enjoy with the help of any VPN provider.