Avast VPN

People have been using Avast security services for many years, so this company is well-known by everyone. It dedicates a lot of resources to your person data protection with Avast SecureLine VPN providing the best standards and optimal connection speed. You can get excellent possibilities to download and watch the blocked content of a specific location.

Operating system

Everyone can get the possibility to connect various devices with different operating systems to Avast VPN. They are:

  • PC on Windows or Mac OS;
  • Smartphones like Iphone and Android;
  • Tablets like Ipad.

Each of them has a certain license, while Avast provides you with a plan for multiple devices as well. Moreover, you can set up to five connections at once but only with a device that concludes a service subscription agreement.


You can find only 34 countries in Avast VPN that contain not as many servers as we would like. Among them are:

  • the United States;
  • the United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Brazil;
  • Russia.

Despite a small list of countries and their servers, their great majority are in ownership and have their physical location. So this provider promises you the fastest connection.


The Avast VPN functions and the simple access to them are a decisive factor in the conclusion of agreements. There is an absolutely uncomplicated interface with the option to choose any language. Its functions are rather noticeable with an official translation into various languages, so you cannot find any problems with using this.


Safety is a fundamental aspect of why people subscribe to Avast SecureLine VPN. This program helps you protect your personal data with open source. It implements a specific type of encryption and stores your personal data preventing from stealing by cyber attackers. Avast VPN is considered some of the safest VPN providers that can provide security of high quality.

  • Quality of support

  • Avast VPN is a reliable service, so you can find there almost no problems with its servers and connection when downloading and installing it. However, you will always get the possibility to contact the Avast support team if necessary. Its specialists will provide you with a guide as they are interested in solving any problems that may arise.


Avast SecureLine VPN presents the best solutions concerning its functionality of high quality when browsing. All your personal data going through the connection are encrypted by this program. Thus, the content you watch is absolutely secure, and though your Internet service provider won’t be aware of what you exactly do. So Avast VPN deserves to be called a well-proven service in this sphere as it meets all users’ expectations.

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