What is the Best Way of Knife Sharpening?

Cooking gets much easier when you have the right tools and sharp knives. Otherwise, it seems like a nightmare that never ends. In case you find out you’ve got a dull knife, you will not only have to spend more time cutting things but also increase the chance of cutting yourself. Let’s get to know more about knife sharpening and the best techniques to do it.

The general overview

Chefs often say that poorly cut food won’t cook properly. Besides, dull knives require more force and can deform the products. That’s why a person can use one of the ways we’ll discuss below to make the knives sharp again.

The main ways to sharpen knives

  • A knife sharpening steel;
  • A knife sharpener;
  • Electric knife sharpener;
  • Whetstones.

Professional chefs have special equipment that sharpens their knives. However, if you want to sharpen your knives on your own, you may use one of the methods from the list.

Useful tips one has to know beforehand

First of all, before you start sharpening your knife, it’s better to make sure it really needs the procedure. One of the simplest ways to find it out is to put the blade to the paper test. Try to hold a folded piece of paper with one hand and cut it with the other one. If it goes smoothly, the knife is sharp enough.

In case it needs sharpening, it’s essential to know about the degrees of sharpening. The blade feels sharper depending on the angle between the sides that form the cutting edge. As a rule, the angle is 15-20 degrees.

To keep your knives sharp, you should store them properly, too. This does not only reduce the chance of an accident but make them serve you longer. The best way to keep the knives is to get a knife block or a magnetic knife strip.

Top 3 things you need to remember

  • Sharpen your knives regularly for the best possible experience;
  • A sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife.
  • It turns out that sharp knives cut the products more even, let them cook better, and taste better, too.

The peculiarities of knife sharpening tools

When talking about sharpening steel, it’s not the best method. It looks like the metal rod and simply hones the edge of the blade.

A knife sharpener you are likely to own is an electric or manual sharpener. These tools remove some steel to restore the knife. This solution can be suitable even if the knife is very dull. An electric solution makes your knives sharper in a few seconds. You just put it in and move through the sharpener. Mechanic one only differs by making you do it over and over again till you reach the result.

One of the oldest and most widespread solutions is to use whetstones. They are very adaptive and can sharpen any blade regardless of their shape or size. As a rule, such things have two different sides: a coarse and a fine one.

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