Professional Scissor Sharpening by Yourself: Best Ways

It’s not a secret or surprise that scissors get dull. Just like the knife blades, they need sharpening. Professional services are rather expensive. In case you don’t feel like spending much on such services, you can learn to do it at home. Let’s find out the best scissor sharpening methods here.

Safety first

Before you start the sharpening process, you’d better learn the basics about the safety measures. First of all, you should never point the blades at yourself. Secondly, put on safety goggles.

While there are plenty of ways to sharpen scissors, you should pick the one that suits you best and seems like the most convenient.

Main methods to sharpen scissors

  • Use sandpaper with medium grit. Cut the scissors into it, turn them over, and repeat the process several times. This is likely to be enough. Just make sure the whole blade runs across the sandpaper. It’s a simple and very widespread way to get your scissors sharp again.
  • Aluminum foil can also be used for this purpose. The procedure reminds of the previous one a lot. You’ll need to fold the foil several times and then cut into it repeatedly. This doesn’t sharpen the blades in the traditional meaning but removes burs and nicks that make them appear dull. Such a method is a very popular solution. In case you don’t aluminum foil, you may substitute it with steel wool. The procedure will be the same.
  • A person can try sharpening scissors against another object. It’s not the best solution but in case you have nothing else close at hand, this might just work. Use a screwdriver’s shaft and move the blades up and down against this metal. It reminds of the trick you often see on the Internet when others offer you to try the bottom of the cup. Keep in mind, however, that this procedure might damage the goods.
  • If you have a store-bought sharpener, you’ll have no problem sharpening the scissors. There are plenty of options you can get. They are very easy to use. Alternatively, you may even try the knife sharpener. Just make sure the blades fit.
  • Whetstones or sharpening stones can do the trick, too. Just run the blades against the sides and your scissors will be sharp again. Keep in mind that such tools have different sides. As a rule, one is coarse and the other one is fine.

As you may see, there are plenty of ways one can sharpen scissors at home. This saves you both money and the trip to a professional sharpener. As long as you maintain safety precautions and stay attentive, you can make your scissors sharp again.

To verify you’ve succeeded, just try cutting something. If the blades go smoothly and cut evenly, the procedure is over. In case you don’t feel the scissors are sharp enough, repeat the process or try an alternative solution. We’ve gathered the top five methods to let you have enough options.

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